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Home inspections are now the rule and no longer the exception with wise homebuyers. Anyone who has bought a home, be it a new or used one, can attest to the horror stories of problems popping up in their dream house almost as quickly as the papers are signed. Take the dripping faucet that suddenly turns into a plumber’s second vacation… or the broken window sash that requires hiring a carpenter for the price of his kids college tuition. We fear it, and yet many of us casually spend more money than we ever thought possible on a home with little attention tuned to the potential needs and repairs the future can inevitably bring.

Enter the Home Inspector…not Superman, or a soothsayer looking into a crystal ball, but a modern day home detective who evaluates the clues and conditions made much more obvious to him from his training, and the day to day inspections of a wide variety of homes and condominiums. 

Often the Inspector can note many subtle signs within the home that can suggest potential problems or hazards, and just as importantly note the many good aspects of construction and mechanical systems in operation, to help establish that there is value to the new home. Water stains, curled roof shingles, termite tubes, peeling paint, and other clues missed by a homebuyer can add thousands of dollars to the cost of a home. Often this happens because they were not trained to focus on these types of details.

While the Inspector is not performing the service to provide a guarantee or warranty, his intent is to establish the visible conditions of the home at the time of the inspection. The careful step by step procedure often taking two and a half hours or more at the site, is the best protection a buyer can have. In addition, the Inspector should be able to discuss with the client maintenance needs, be willing to explain how the home systems operate, show where the safety equipment and emergency shut-offs are, and how to use them.

A purchaser should leave the inspection with a good understanding of the condition of the home, know a bit about the functioning of the various home mechanical systems, and after all the on-site discussions are done, feel more secure that this house is the house they want to purchase. No house can fail an inspection, but the conditions found often dictate the next round of negotiations and /or decision to continue the process. The buyers should also have a feel for the life expectancy of the important systems within the home and some idea about projected costs. The written report should follow and should reaffirm the conditions established at the site. It often becomes an instrument for negotiation in the final contract, if unforeseen items are found.

Stonehollow has been inspecting homes in and around Fairfield County for over 30 years.

Providing quality inspections in surrounding areas of Stamford, Greenwich, Newtown, Westport, Darien, New Canaan, CT and Westchester, NY. 

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Susan – Halstead Properties

I just wanted to thank you and your company for taking such great care with my clients, Bassam and Lydia. Between the last inspection with Matt on Boxwood and the completed inspection on Kane Ave on Saturday, your very thorough style of inspecting and helping clients understand their house was very appreciated. I’m glad they chose to work with Stonehollow! I’ll gladly recommend you to all of my clients, if only so I can have a good  laugh with you and Matt throughout the inspection. It was the highlight of a long weekend. 

Realtor Recommended

“As a Realtor and Exclusive Buyer Broker, working only for home buyers on contract and on retainer for twenty of my thirty years in real estate, I virtually always referred Steve and his amazing expertise to my clients for home inspections, radon testing, and well water testing. His reports were thorough, comprehensive, and complete at the conclusion of each assignment. My clients really benefited from his honesty and his commitment to detail, and often were able to negotiate amazing seller concessions as a result of the issues he uncovered.

Sometimes we would withdraw from a transaction as a result of the undisclosed problems Steve discovered, problems known to the seller and/or seller’s agent but kept hidden from buyers. In such a case, we would move on to another selection, hire Steve to inspect that, and we would always end up with a better property and a better deal on it to my buyer clients’ delight.
Steve earns my highest recommendation.”

Dick Hamlin, ePRO, C.B.A. (Retired)
Richard Hamlin Real Estate, Inc.

Eril E. Southbury

“The inspector explained everything and educated me as a buyer”

Chris T. -Stamford

Impressed by “the detail of the inspection and the knowledge of the inspector.”

Steven & Melinda K- Sandy Hook

Impressed with “ personal touch of the inspector, discussed house and maintenance as well as the town itself.”

Charles B. -Newtown

“We started with high expectations for new knowledge and they were well met!”

Beth C.- Redding

“It’s an old house and we wanted a thorough inspection. The guys were amazing and took their time to explain everything. We were very impressed. We appreciated the time spent with us as new homeowners.”

Pat K. Stamford

“Thank you Steve! We will call you again & recommend you to our friends.”   

Carl & Nina G. Stamford

“We were very appreciative that we can call him for free telephone consultation for as long as we own this house.” 

J.T. Greenwich

“Very Thorough & detailed commentary during the inspection. Steve made every effort to ensure that we understood all the important issues. Very friendly & professional.” 


Ellen & John W. Weston Ct.

“I especially appreciated the extra information (brochures and stuff!) Very easy to understand.”. 

Estelle D. Hamden

“It’s good to have a reference report, not just a narrative. Steve was very ‘reachable’ and clear.”

Millie C. Weston

“My realtor gave me a page of names but when pressed told us she would use Steve if her kids were buying a home for themselves.”  

James L. Stamford.

“Details will be helpful as I tackle the many repairs that will be necessary on this house. Steve was thorough and extremely helpful.” 

David P.

“You’re the best !”   


“Steve was very thorough. He explained every aspect of the inspection in detail and gave us a brief tutorial of the report, we were very pleased with his inspection. We left the house without any questions, he covered everything…and he was honest.”

Tom & Alison P.

“Initially we were concerned about the cost of the inspection….Truth is Steve knows so much…we were given more time, more attention to important areas around the house and a much more thorough experience than our last inspector. It was certainly a better experience and worth the fee.” 

Charlotte M.

“The report was very professional & easy to follow. Steve is very friendly. As a first time buyer, a friendly face is a good thing!” 

Cindy T., New Canaan

“It was helpful to go through & remind me what we’d seen. Steve is a walking encyclopedia on home maintenance, on top of that he’s good natured. Who could ask for more.” 

Peter L. Stamford

“Thorough, and very useful in our contract negotiations.” 

Dr. Robert V. Greenwich

“I appreciated Steve’s effort in expediting the inspection process, and still maintaining the level of thoroughness- We both learned a lot , and  we would not hesitate to recommend you to friends.” 

Richard L. Stamford

“I liked the reporting system… it was very detailed.”

Harold R., Cos Cob

Professional , educational, funny. Nice experience.

Candie T.

The report was fine, it will act as a good reference for us. Steve was clear, with a good sense of humor, he was patient with all my questions.

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