Indoor Air Quality Testing

IAQ Home Survey™

Assess Indoor Air Quality and Mold Growth – Accurately and Inexpensively.

Home air quality is a growing health issue throughout the U.S. Homeowners and potential home buyers are concerned about what airborne contaminants could be present in their homes. Many states and lending institutions now recommend that a home air quality audit be performed during a residential property sale. IAQ Home Survey™ is an effective, economical tool to monitor a home for chemicals in the air (VOCs) and actively growing mold (not the presence of mold spores).

What is IAQ Home Survey?

IAQ Home Survey is an advanced analysis method used by home inspectors, industrial hygienists, and indoor air quality/environmental consultants to check for hidden mold and airborne chemicals in home air. With a single air sample, IAQ Home Survey reports the total levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Mold VOCs (MVOCs), produced by actively growing mold. In addition, possible sources of VOC contaminants in the home can be predicted with our proprietary Contamination Index™. Information gleaned from these reports can then be used to assess the home’s air quality, and the home occupants can begin to take steps to reduce or remove the offending sources from their home.

IAQ Home Survey is a wonderful service to a potential homebuyer who is concerned about what’s in their air. The test can be easily performed as part of a routine home inspection, indoor air quality service call, or as an extra environmental service.

How is the test performed?

The IAQ Home Survey test is performed by collecting an air sample with a small sampling kit. Once the air sample is collected, it is returned to the laboratory for an advanced, sensitive analysis that determines the total levels of VOCs (chemicals in the air) and active growing mold present in the home. The test is so sensitive that it will even detect mold growing behind walls or in carpeting, and thus not visible. IAQ Home Survey does not detect mold spores — only the presence of mold when active growth is occurring. The cost to do one IAQ Home Survey test for a 2,000 sq. ft. area is significantly less than doing mold spore testing of the same size area.

Within two to three business days you will receive easy-to-read reports detailing the results of the analysis and an explanation of the sources of the chemical contamination.

IAQ Home Survey™

  • Easy, economical
    • Perform test as part of routine home inspection or service call
    • Multiple location pump kits can be used for larger homes.
  • One test covers 2,000 sq. ft. with a single air sample
    • Single test costs less than mold spore testing of a home
  • Looks for chemicals in the air that can’t be seen or smelled
    • Monitors for hundreds of airborne VOCs
    • Reports up to 10 significant VOCs found in the air sample
  • The only test that measures actively growing mold
    • Determines total level of active mold growth in the home
    • Detects mold hidden in walls or carpeting
    • Detects VOCs emitted from active growing mold, not mold spores
  • Provides actionable information
    • Total VOCs, Total Mold VOCs, Contamination Index
    • Easy-to-read reports with discussion of each level
    • Predicts sources of VOCs with proprietary Contamination Index™
    • Helps answer what might be making occupants sick
  • Advanced analysis performed by AIHA-accredited laboratory
    • Air sample sent back to Prism in convenient packaging for quick 2-day analysis
    • Prism is trusted industry lab for over 20 years
    • Proprietary technology standard in building air monitoring
  • Determination and reporting of EPA Air Toxics (Hazardous Air Pollutants). When you really want to know if the air quality in your potential new home is safe.
  • Inexpensive: Single Test for VOC’s & Mold – $265 Second Optional Test- $225