Adopt-a-Hydrant Program


In an article on their web site The Stamford Fire and Rescue Department is asking citizens to “adopt-a-hydrant. This program is not unlike adopt a spot on the roadways to keep areas litter free and adopt an island where a group beautifies a rotary or a small park. The Stamford Fire & Rescue wants individuals to increase everyone’s safety by clearing ice and snow off the yellow hydrants.

According to Captain Hayes “by adopting-a-hydrant, participants will be helping to protect themselves, their family, and their neighbors. When there is a fire, the fire department must quickly locate and establish a water supply from the closet fire hydrant. If the hydrant is buried, valuable minutes are lost. Most fire engines only carry enough water for the first two minutes of the fire attack, so establishing a water supply quickly is critical.”

Anyone who wants to Adopt a Hydrant can sign up at their website: ““

They also ask if you are unable to dig out a hydrant, but know where there is one that needs to be dug out, please to call the fire department non emergency number at 203-977-5555. They will be happy to come and dig it out.

Adopting a hydrant in most cases will take only a few moments of effort that can really make a difference. Clearing approximately three feet around the hydrants will give firefighters plenty of room in case of a fire and help them to locate it in bad weather conditions.